And the winner is....

Last week I asked you to think of a name for the skunk. After that I choose 4 of the names and asked my facebook friends to vote for their favorite name. Scruff came out as the most popular name and I like it too! So the skunk's name is Scruff now :) Thanks for all the name suggestions and the votes!


Nameless Skunk

This angry skunk still has no name :(
Who comes with the most awesome name for this fellow?!
I prefer short names like: Toby, Skip and Noto :)

Say "Hello" to: Noto

Thanks to Wiske for helping me finding a name for this little squirrel!



I'd like to share this bg with you :) I'll add details like flowers, spots and clouds later!


the best bg!

This awesome bg is bg05! That means I'm about to start with bg06! :) Sorry I don't really share spectaculair things with you, but I don't want to post too much spoilers on my blog. Besides the bg's I'm working on the rough version of the animation, which feels a bit awkward because I never did this before haha. But it goes well and I'll post a preview very soon!