At first I wanted to make an animation to make sad kids, who lost somebody or something through dead, a little bit more happy. I came up with that idea because I, as an (almost) adult, have a hard time when someone or something dies. With that in mind I thought about how hard that should be when you are just a kid. They have so many questions that are hard to explain and understand!

But, after Joke Lunsing (teacher) asked me to ask myself as many questions (Sorry! It's Dutch!) as I could, I realized that this subject is way to heavy for me. Especially because I like happy and cute stuff much more. For now, I let this subject go, but maybe I get back to (parts of) it later, we'll see!

Owh man, I love this journey ^-^.

I also started with my graduation plan. I need to make that plan in order to start the project. In this plan I describe what my plans for the animation are and what I like to learn from it. Because I study at a university, research is compulsory part of graduation, so I have to come up with some questions I'ld like to answer in my research. Here is the first set up for my plan (Sorry, Dutch again!)

So that's all for now!

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