Back on track

I'm ill for already 3 weeks, but it gets better every day, so don't be worried!
The doctor told me I have to rest, so that's what I do...
Because I was tired, dizzy and had a headache most of the time, I wasn't in the mood for drawing or even think about my graduation project.
But I feel good enough to start drawing again now, so I think I'm back on track :)

Secretly I've been watching a lot Bugs Bunny and Yogi Bear cartoons too (don't tell the doctor ;))
While I was watching I analyzed the characters and drew some background elements (like trees).
I really loved the backgrounds used in Yogi Bear cartoons.
So I was very happy with this post of John K about these backgrounds :)
And with the post of Anne Bush about how to paint such backgrounds in Photoshop!

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