Basics of storytelling

Last week I had a great conversation with Joke Lunsing, she is one of my graduation teachers/coaches. She told me about the basiscs of storytelling. Here's what she told me:

The hero of the story has his normal routine of life, but then suddenly something unexpected comes and it changes the routine of our hero. The change causes that the hero is called to go on a mission. At first the hero refuses to accept the invitation of the mission, but because of some turningpoint he'll go/accept it. Then the hero has to face difficult things and maybe loses sometimes, but in the end there is victory for him! This victory can be a real victory like defeating an enemy, but also can be something the hero learned. When the mission is acomplished, the hero can return home, but this time he as hero+1 or hero 2.0 ;)

So you can say my graduation period is also like such a story with me playing the part of the hero haha :).

My ex-collegue  Tim Toxopeus gave me a link to an interesting document about storytelling. It's about storytelling for games, but it has similarities with storytelling in general.

With this information I'm going to write the short story for the cartoon of Toby (hero) and the unexpected something (Skip). To be continued...

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  1. oeh interesting :D
    this might come in handy for my own graduation project as well :)
    thx a lot and good luck with your story :D