story drawing

This drawing tells my new story for the cartoon. I'm not quite happy with to poses and the layout, but that's a problem for later this week :)

Please awnser this question in a comment:
What would you do if your friend smells like fish?
Many thanks :)


  1. :D Pip is the bomb! xD
    good luck touching up this piece :D

  2. thanks!
    and it's Skip btw, not Pip :P

  3. Make a anti smell machine that turns the stink in a nice flower smell.

  4. LOL SKIP! i'm sorry. SKIP equals love.

    And... what would I do if my friend smells like fish....

    I'd spray him/her with my favorite parfume.

    In this case. Toby should cover him with pretty and good smelling flowers!! :D

  5. Tell the friend they smell a bit fishy. Wazzup dude you just ate fish, or what?

    try out every soap, antibacterial goods, bleach, car refreshner, ask others to help and find a solution.

    Accept the friend for the way they smell. And add some extra perfume on your own neck ;)

  6. mmmm what would I do?
    depends, if it is a good friend just tell them... something like... uhh dude... you smell
    if it is a friend which you only see now and then its more difficult...
    maybe trying to offer him/her gum?

  7. Maybe Toby can trick Skip into eating veggies! Carf fish shapes out of watermelons!

  8. If this friend is a boy I would tell him to find a better job. If it's a girl I would carefully tell her to better wash certain parts of her body.

  9. Yessica Baeten8/6/10 17:44

    As we all know, multiple layer strawberry cakes with pink icing and whipped cream on top smell really nice. So, what I would do is take my friend to a witch doctor somewhere in a shady swamp and ask him/her to make a potion that will turn my friend into a multiple layered strawberry cake with pink icing and whipped cream on top. That should fix the problem. And besides: a strawberry cake with a beak and flippers will look incredibly funny!

    Or simply put him in a carwash.

    (hope this helps!)

  10. Anonymous9/6/10 12:07

    Call acme and order the antismell3000

  11. Anonymous9/6/10 23:42

    Serve it, seasoned and with some butter

  12. Dress the friend up as a mudkip.

  13. Jenny Booy14/6/10 00:26

    Hi Harmke,

    Promissed you my reply but I forgot but here it is!

    My answer for the smelly question is:

    I would like to always stay positive about these kind of things but sometimes shit happens and I have to accept my fishy friend!