new panels

3 new panels i like to share with you.
i'm not quite sure about the last pose... he's suposed to be listening to a sound coming from the hole. is that clear with this pose?


  1. Eventually you could make a small bump in the road in front of the hole. Rabbits often make mountains there because they have lots of ground too much from digging the hole. Furthermore it protects them from larger animals who try to sneak into their hole.

    When you place your rabbit on such a bump you can point him a bit more in the direction of the hole which makes it more obvious he's listening to the hole. The gesture he's making right now is pretty okay as well I guess, just a small suggestion ;)

  2. Hi Harmke -- the pose is very clear! Some of the grass is getting in the way of his ear, though. If you erase some of the grass by his ears the pose will be even more clear. CUTE!

  3. The pose is clear. No bumps needed.

  4. thanks for the comments!

    i understand that that seems logical to you :) but what if it isn't a rabbit's hole? ;) it's not your fault you don't know the story, because i didn't tell/show you yet, but for the story/animation it's not handy to put a bump over there. But thanks for the comment and comming up with solutions!

    Thanks sherm, i really appreciate it that you took time to comment on my blog! I fixed the grass :)

    yay thanks :)