Redesigned bg

After working on bg #1 a couple of weeks (way to long!), I still had the feeling something was wrong with it.... So I send an email to Anne Bush, who paints HB-style bg's herself.

She gave me such great advise, tips and feedback! I started to aply some of the feedback, but the more I changed the bg, the more I realised I'd better redraw it haha.

Call me nuts, call me insane, but I did it! And... I'm SO HAPPY! It's not finished yet, but it's not going to take me weeks again ;) just a couple of hours and I'm finished with bg #1, hooray!


  1. The new version looks great indeed !!! :)

  2. :D very cool!
    The trees look so much better now!
    Not to mention the pink bushes, I'm a fan :D